If the person you care for needs help with managing their benefit-related affairs you can apply to the Department for Works and Pensions (DWP) to become an “Appointee”.

Please note if a Property and Financial Affairs Lasting Power of Attorney or a Court of Protection appointed Deputy is already in place the DWP will accept this instead.  You only need to apply to become an Appointee if you are neither an Attorney nor a Deputy.

Which benefits are covered by this DWP arrangement ?

All government state benefits are covered by this arrangement.  This includes Attendance Allowance, Disability Living Allowance, Personal Independence Payment, State Pension and Tax Credits.

How many people can apply to become an Appointee ?

A person must be aged 18 or over to apply to become an Appointee, and only one person can act as an Appointee on behalf of someone who is in receipt of benefits.

How do you apply to become an Appointee ?

How to apply will depend on the benefit(s) the person you care for is in receipt of.

For details of how to apply (including relevant DWP contact e-mail addresses, postal addresses and telephone numbers) click here.

How does the DWP make their decisions ?

The DWP will arrange to visit or interview the person in receipt of the benefit(s) to assess if an Appointee is needed.  DWP will also interview the person who wishes to act on behalf of the benefit claimant to assess whether he/she is a suitable Appointee.

If DWP agrees with the application the Appointee will be sent a Form BF57 confirming this.  Please note you cannot become an Appointee until this happens.

Once authorised, DWP will monitor the situation to make sure the arrangement is still suitable for the Appointee and the benefit recipient.

Becoming an Appointee only allows you to manage the other person’s benefit payments.

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