Carers should not be expected to take on the whole burden of caring without practical support.  Services provided by Brent Council are designed to maintain the independence, health and well-being of both the person with care needs and their carer.  Examples of such services include day care and respite care to give both you – the carer – and the person you care for a break.

Here you will find information on how to access this support for you – the carer.

What is a Carers Assessment ?

The aim of a Carers Assessment is to see how you are managing in your caring role, and explore how any support now, or in the future, may assist you.

In other words it is an opportunity to discuss with Brent Council what help, if any, you need with caring.  You can discuss any help that would maintain your own health and well-being and balance your caring responsibilities with other aspects of your life, such as work and family.  Brent Council uses the Carers Assessment to decide what help, if any, it can provide.

Who can apply for a Carers Assessment ?

If you are an Adult Carer (i.e. aged 18 or over and provide unpaid care for someone aged 18 or over) you have the legal right, under the Care Act 2014, to request a Carers Assessment from Brent Adult Social Services.  This legal right applies even if the person you care for is not in receipt of any support themselves from Brent Adult Social Service or if you do not live with the person you care for.

Also, if there is more than one Carer providing care in your household, each carer is entitled to a Carers Assessment.

If you are a Parent Carer (i.e. have parental responsibility for a disabled child) you have the legal right to a Carers Assessment from Brent Council under the Children and Families Act 2014.  Your needs as a Carer will be assessed as part of a Family Needs Assessment.

If you are a Young Carer (aged under 18) and provide unpaid care you have the legal right to a Carers Assessment from Brent Council under the Children and Families Act 2014.  Such assessments are normally carried out by Brent Council’s Children and Families Department.

How do I request a Carers Assessment ?

To request a Carers Assessment you need to contact Brent Council and request a “Carers Assessment” for yourself.  You can make such a request in one of the following ways:

What happens next ?

A social worker will contact you to make an appointment to meet with you.

If the person you are caring for is having a Community Care Assessment into their needs undertaken you can request for your Carers Assessment to take place at the same time.  Alternatively you can make a request to speak with the social worker separately at another time.

The social worker will discuss with you your caring situation to find out what help you need, if any, to look after the person you are caring for (such as respite care).

Brent Council are required to take account of a carer’s outside interests – including work, study and leisure – as part of the Carers Assessment.

Preparing for a Carers Assessment

If you have arranged to have a Carers Assessment of your needs and are unsure how it will benefit you, you should give yourself plenty of time to think about your role as a carer.  Here are some areas you may wish to consider:

(a)       In what ways do you provide support and assistance to the person you care for ?
Consider accompanying them whilst outdoors, bathing, cooking, keeping them company, supervising them, etc.

(b)       Does anyone else help you to provide support and assistance ?

(c)       What other commitments and/or responsibilities do you have now or wish to have in the future that may affect your ability to continue caring ?
Consider other family responsibilities, social activities and work commitments.

(d)       Think about yourself.  Is there anything, not related to your caring role, which you would like to do or continue to do ?
Consider leisure activities, planned breaks, time off for yourself, support groups, etc.

(e)       Is there any specific learning that you feel would help you ?
Consider training to assist you in your caring role, learn a new skill for yourself, etc.

(f)        Do you need help to allow you to remain in work, or return to work ?

(g)       Your health and well-being is important.  Do you have any health problems ?

(h)       Caring can be emotionally demanding, how does caring affect you ?
Do you need breaks from time to time ?

This list of questions will help you think about your caring role, and any areas in which you would benefit from support.

What happens after the assessment ?

After your assessment, Brent Council will make a decision about whether any of the outcomes you have identified need to be provided and what level of support you may need, and they will advise you of the outcome.

For further information on preparing for a carers assessment (including what happens during and after an assessment) click here.

Do I have to pay for a Carers Assessment ?

You will not be charged for having a Carers Assessment completed, this is your right as a carer and time spent with a social worker is not charged.

What about support for the person I am caring for ?

Have a look at our Cared-for Assessments page for details of the help and support available from Brent Adult Social Services.

Brent Carers Centre is here to help

Carers Assessments page - Carers UK Assessment and the Care Act image 80 x 99For more information on Carers Assessments click here to download Carers UK’s factsheet entitled “Asssessments: Your Guide to getting care and support“.

Remember if you need help on any matter relating to your caring role, including making contact with Brent Council, please Contact Us.

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