There are many charities and organisations that can help in you caring role. We have collated a number of booklets that might help you in your caring role.

Booklets from Other Organisations Page - A practical guide to healthy caring image 80 x 99A practical guide to healthy caring

This NHS England guide, which was produced in partnership with Carers Trust, Carers UK and others, provides information and advice on how to stay healthy whilst caring for family members or friends.

Booklets from Other Organisations Page - Brent Disability Handbook image 80 x 99Brent Disability Handbook

This handbook offers practical advice and positive ways to manage some of the challenges you may encounter. You will find information on all local services, action to take, as well as ideas and tips that can be used to tackle specific issues. There is also information on how to get further support.

Booklets from Other Organisations Page - Getting into Work A Guide for Young Adult Carers in England image 80 x 99 Employment guide for young adult carers

Produced by Carers Trust “Getting into Work: A Guide for Young Adult Carers in England” gives young adult carers advice and information on how to overcome the difficulties they may face in finding and staying in employment.  It offers guidance on how to find a job, the application process and how to balance work with a caring role.

Booklets from Other Organisations Page - Guide to Mental Capacity image 80 x 99Guide to Mental Capacity

This booklet is for carers who look after people aged over 16 in England and Wales who may not be able to make some decisions for themselves. They may be unable to make the decision because of dementia, a learning disability, brain injury or reasons connected with mental illness.

Booklets from Other Organisations Page - MyCare image 80 x 99MyCare – Caring for a parent with a mental health problem

This booklet is for Young Carers who are caring for a parent with a mental health problem.

Booklets from Other Organisations Page - Personalisation A Guide for Carers image 80 x 99Personalisation – A guide for carers

Personalisation means making sure you have access to the right information and advice to help you make decisions about care and support. This guide explains the five main stages to getting the support you need.

Taking Care of your Mental Health and Wellbeing

This booklet offers information and tips for managing your mental health and wellbeing during the Coronavirus period and beyond.

The booklet is for residents, patients and carers, as well as professionals and volunteers working in Brent.  It can be used to access services directly as a resident, patient or carer.  Professionals and volunteers will find it very useful for signposting or making referrals.

What to expect from your doctor: a guide for patientsBooklets from Other Organisations Page - What to Expect from your Doctor image 80 x 99

This guide, produced by the General Medical Council, explains how you can help to create a partnership with your doctor.  Much of it is simply common sense, and following it should help you get the most out of your time with your doctor.

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