If YOU look after someone who cannot manage without your help, then YOU are a carer and we can help YOU.  The Carer Information Guides and Information Booklets explain what help is available.  They cover a wide range of topics, whether you are a Young Carer, new to caring or have problems with debt, fuel bills and combining work and caring.


Brent Carers Information Guide
All carers who register with us receive a Welcome Pack which contains a free copy of our Carers Information Guide, and on the left is an image of its front cover. The Welcome Pack contains useful and essential information of what is available to carers in Brent and what you may be entitled to. To register for your free copy just give us a call.

Young Carers Information Guide
All young carers who register with us receive a free copy of our Young Carers Information Guide, and on the left is an image of the guide’s front cover. This guide provides you with useful information about your rights and the issues you may face as a young carer, and how we can support you. This includes the following:

  • Support you and the person that you care for;
  • Listen to you;
  • Provide information and advice about the specific illness and/or disability the person you are looking after is living with;
  • Enable you to meet with other young people in similar situations to you, who understand how you feel; and
  • Give you the opportunity to take part in social and recreational activities.

If you are under 18, we will need your parents’ consent to register.

A Guide to Carers Assessments

Some people find it helpful to have an assessment before things become too much, others will only feel like they need an assessment when things hit crisis point.  You can have the carers assessment on your own, with or without the person you care for being present or ask a friend or advocate to be present to support you.

A carers assessment is also a good opportunity for you to sit with someone to discuss the future and what contingency / emergency plans you may have or want to make.

Debt and Money Concerns

If you have money concerns and/or a debt problem, Brent Carers Centre can help you understand which options are available to you and will recommend the debt solution that is right for your situation.

Planning for Emergencies

As carers we like to think that we will always be there when needed but sometimes this is not possible. An Emergency Plan is there so that the person you are caring for is supported at the earliest opportunity and you have peace of mind that there is something in place if you cannot provide the care for whatever reason.

This Emergency Planning Form will help you think about all the issues you need to consider and are also important to you, should you be unable to continue in your caring role in a case of emergency. For further details have a look at our Emergency Planning page.

Hospital Discharge Planning Advice

This booklet is to provide the carer with information about the hospital discharge process.

When your cared for person is being discharged from hospital it can be a very distressing and confusing time.


Working Carers

With all the stress that comes with being a carer, a little support from your employer goes a long way to making life easier.

There are different ways your employer can support you. Knowing how an employer can help may make it easier for you to ask for support.  Have a look at our Working Carers page.

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