As busy professionals with conflicting demands, we know your time is precious.  Whether you are newly qualified, a student, an experienced practitioner or manager, Brent Carers Centre offers an array of resources to help you practice with confidence.  This includes a separate resource section on “Dementia”.

You may also find useful some of the resources available on the Downloads for GPs page.

Brent Carers Centre’s Referral Forms

  Brent Carers Centre’s ADULTS Referral Form for Professionals.  When using the form please ensure the client has been informed and has agreed to you making this referral.

  Brent Carers Centre’s Young Carers Service Referral Form

   Brent Carers Centre’s Carer Information Guides and Booklets

Brent Carers Centre have Carer Information Guides and Information Booklets that cover a wide range of topics, whether it is a young carer, a person new to caring, problems with debt, fuel bills and/or combining work and caring.

Other useful resources

ENGAGE toolkit

This interactive toolkit website is designed to look at how to improve outcomes for Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic carers (including young carers) and their families.

Skills for Care

This interactive website contains useful resources (incl. e-learning packages) specifically designed for people who work in the health and social services sectors.

 Social Care Institute for Excellence

SCIE is a leading social care improvement agency and this interactive web-site contains useful resources (incl. e-learning resources and Social Care TV films) designed for people who work in the health and social services sectors.

Whole Family Pathway

For services to provide effective support for young carers and their families, it is vital that all practitioners working with them begin with an inclusive, wide ranging approach that considers:

  • the needs of the person in need of care (including any parenting needs)
  • the child (including whether they are providing inappropriate levels of care either physically or emotionally)
  • the whole family.

Resources on Dementia


DemTalk is the online toolkit for effective communication with and for people living with dementia. It offers free advice and shares ideas about how everyone can make communication easier and better.

The Triangle of Care: A Guide to Best Practice for Dementia Care

The Triangle of Care for Dementia describes how meaningful involvement and inclusion of carers can lead to better care for people with dementia.

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