When was the last time you took a break? Are you having difficulties accessing respite?

Taking a break from caring is important to give you a chance to recharge your batteries. We assist carers in their search for appropriate respite, and do this in a number of different ways. 

To request a Befriender or to use the Sitting or Personal Assistant Network Service (as detailed below) please complete this Respite Referrals Requests FORM 2024  and return to: help@brentcarerscentre.org.uk.

Respite – The Carers Befriending Scheme

The Carers Befriending Scheme offers companionship and support to any carer or the person they care for, who are experiencing isolation and loneliness.

Befrienders will agree a convenient time and frequency with the client, usually be provided by a weekly phone call so that the carer or person being cared for, has a chance to have a chat and a conversation with someone outside of the family. This can be helpful if it is not easy for either to leave the house very often

Respite – The Carers Sitting Service

The Carers Sitting Service will support carers struggling to either care due to lack of breaks, have limited free time for personal chores or appointments and who also not meet the requirement for statutory caring support. The sitting Service will have its limitations in that ‘Sitting Volunteers’ will not offer any help with personal care, taking medication, eating, drinking, lifting or moving. This service is also not suitable for dependents with a mental health condition as the person may become distressed or confused.

Following a pre-arranged agreement being set up, volunteers will regularly visit the person being cared for so that the carer can have a couple of hours to complete certain tasks either within the home or externally. The Sitting Volunteer will play games, provide conversation and companionship to dependents giving them a chance to talk to someone different.

Respite – Personal Assistant Network

We are developing a database of local people interested in paid work as a Personal Assistant. This service will be directed to carers or dependents in receipt of Direct Payments who are seeking support to find a Personal Assistant locally in

Please call to express your interest in any one of our respite projects above on 020 3802 7070. 

To request a Befriender or to use the Sitting or Personal Assistant Network Service (as detailed   above) please complete this Respite Referrals Requests FORM 2024 and return to: help@brentcarerscentre.org.uk.


Curam Care is the largest U.K online platform for recruiting and booking paid Homecare Personnel, with a network of over 10,000 vetted & insured individuals nationwide.  Use the box provided below to input your Postcode to discover Homecare Personnel currently available in your area.

Care Free Breaks

Brent Carers Centre is a member of the Care Free Breaks Scheme.  Carefreebreaks provide short breaks for unpaid carers (such as family carers) in hotels and holiday cottages provided free-of-charge by owners during the low season.

To take advantage of the offer carers must be aged 18 and over.  They must also be able to pay for their travel costs to the location and have money for food, etc. when they are there.

Carers need to be caring for 35+ hours per week.  Carers will not be financially assessed.

Carers can take a friend or partner with them on the break – but unfortunately not the person they care for.

Carefreebreaks have hotels/cottages around the UK which donate 1-2 night breaks, plus breakfast where possible for a carer and their companion (adult or child). Twin or Double room.

Carers may be ask for a voluntary contribution of £25 for each person.  To find our more or to be prioritised for a free break, please Contact Us or email: help@brentcarerscentre.org.uk

Respite Activities and Events

We delivery regular activities and events for carers to spend time with other carers to enjoy a social activity or event. Our events are designed to ensure your caring responsibilities leave your mind and you fully engage with something designed to be fun, creative, educational or stimulating. Some events may have a small cost attached.

Check out our current Events page for the latest on activities and events.

Respite Support at Home

If you find that your caring responsibilities become too much for you to cope with, we can support you in your negotiations with Brent Social Services to find out if you are eligible for additional care support for your loved one. This could allow you more free time to relax and do other things you may be interested in.

Respite Grants

We assist carers to access respite grants which become available throughout the year.  You may be able to access a grant to take a short break, obtain a massage or book yourself on the training course you always wanted to do.

Respite grants are extremely competitive and highly in demand.  We will however ensure that your request is fairly prioritised and administrated as smoothly and promptly at the earliest convenience.

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