When was the last time you took a break? Are you having difficulties accessing respite?

Taking a break from caring is important to give you a chance to recharge your batteries. We assist carers in their search for appropriate respite, and do this in a number of different ways.

Respite Activities and Events

We delivery monthly activities and events for carers to spend time with other carers to enjoy a social activity or event. Our events are designed to ensure you’re your caring responsibilities leave your mind and you fully engage with something designed to be fun, creative, educational or stimulating.  Some events may have a small cost attached.

Check out our current Caring Matters Newsletter and/or Events page for the latest on activities and events.

Respite Support at Home

If you find that your caring responsibilities become to much for you to cope with, we can support you in your negotiations with Brent Social Services to find out if you are eligible for additional care support for your loved one.  This could allow you more free time to relax and do other things you may be interested in.

Respite Grants

We assist carers to access respite grants which become available throughout the year.  You may be able to access a grant to take a short break, obtain a massage or book yourself on the training course you always wanted to do.

Respite grants are extremely competitive and highly in demand.  We will however ensure that your request is fairly prioritised and administrated as smoothly and promptly at the earliest convenience.

We are seeking carers who are interested in joining our group of volunteers to assist carers accessing respite grants, please Contact Us if you are interested.  You only need to have a few hours a week to give and will be fully trained and supported.

Care Free Breaks Scheme

Brent Carers Centre is a member of the Care Free Breaks Scheme.  Carefreebreaks provide short breaks for unpaid carers (such as family carers) in hotels and holiday cottages provided free-of-charge by owners during the low season.

To take advantage of the offer carers must be aged 21 and over.  They must also be able to pay for their travel costs to the location and have money for food, etc. when they are there.

Carers need to be caring for 35+ hours per week.  Carers will not be financially assessed.

Carers can take a friend or partner with them on the break – but unfortunately not the person they care for.

Carefreebreaks have hotels/cottages around the UK but the ones closest to London are:

  • Southend where they get bed breakfast and evening meal for 3 or 7 nights; and
  • Newmarket, Suffolk where the carer and +1 will get bed and breakfast for 3 or 7 nights.

Breaks are currently available until the end of June 2018.

Carers may be ask for a voluntary contribution of £25 for each person.  To find our more or to be prioritised for a free break, please Contact Us.

Carers Support Groups

Our Carers Support Groups are delivered at different locations around Brent and offer an excellent form of support and respite for carers.  We have support groups suitable for all carers and specialist support groups for carers who care for someone with a mental health condition or type of dementia.

Ongoing Programme of Respite Activities and Training Workshops

Check out our latest Caring Matters Newsletter and/or Events page for details on our quarterly programme of other enjoyable respite activities, and training workshops for both adult and young carers.

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